dream job

IKEA has a keen eye on our healthy sleep and therefore offers much more on the subject than just comfortable beds: an online sleep guide full of research findings and fantastic tips for a good night’s sleep; so comprehensive that you can always click in and discover something new. Enjoy your bedtime reading! And thanks to GGH MullenLowe for this huge job 😉

> guide to good sleep

just turn it!

The turn towards natural ingredients and sustainability in harmony with truly beautiful skin care results is already part of the Love, Beauty And Planet brand name. But what’s really in it? And how do we say it without raising an index finger? Just turn the products over and read the BOP texts. – A nice project, for which I developed Tone of Voice and finally wrote the product texts. From now on you can read it in stores (e.g. at Budni), online or at home in the shower.

Home: Love, Beauty And Planet

agency: DOKYO

there is no smarter way to shop

Here, the online and offline worlds “magically” merge into a whole new shopping experience for fashion natives: on 14 February 2019, bonprix will open its first pilot store fashion connect in Hamburg. My part in the fantastic team around this mega project was to develop Tone of Voice and texts.

#dpok silver medal for launch communication!

> fashion connect store

sneak preview

Since 30.11.2018 Hamburg has a new luxury cinema. And a new campaign (yey, pitch won!) that speaks to streaming junkies and cineastes from the soul: “If cinema, then so”. Our claim already inspires people to further variations, for example after the glamorous opening gala of the Astor Film Lounge, social media said: “When opening, then so”. To be continued …

Preview: Astor Hafencity

agency: Hamburgzwo13

Dress warmly, boys!

A warm editorial (click on the visual!) for the cool CALAMAR Menswear, Catalog Autumn/Winter 2018.

Credits: Fotografie Sven Jacobsen, Styling Mads Rønnborg, Konzept & Art Direction Joachim Kühmstedt, Interview Susie von den Stemmen, Produktion, Art Buying & Casting Marion Walter Production, Editorial Anna da Costa Henriques


listen to beauty

For the Dove limited edition “summer breeze” we developed a podcast series around Summer & Soul, for which we could win no less than “This is Jane Wayne”. –– True beauty can also do without pictures.

agentur: DOKYO

come up!

Campari is an aperitif – an aperitivo is the time you spend with it in the company of friends. With our online campaign #NowCamparitivo we celebrated the comeback of this beautiful tradition in a contemporary way above the rooftops of the city.

> pop in

agentur: elbdudler

let’s make school cool!

Not only pupils, but also teachers need inspiration beyond the “official” curriculum. The Cornelsen publishing house in Berlin asked us if we could come up with something in this regard. Answer: Of course! We came up with ten teacher life-hacks for 2018, presented our ideas – and were very happy that we should/may produce all ten videos (on our own). Title of the format: Cornelsen inspires


Concept + Idea: Anna da Costa Henriques, Claudia Medrow Production: Claudia Medrow

new born

The Simple® facial care brand has been a cult brand in the UK for over 50 years. In 2017, it finally arrived in Germany – although many beauties in this country are still completely unaware of the brand. So the question for the market launch was: what needs to be done to make Simple® work here too? The answer: Think “German”; i.e. develop new positioning, tone of voice, claim, product texts as well as a programmatic launch. Done! Click here for the new Simple® brand shop:

agency: DOKYO

more than a ballpoint pen

Berendsohn AG can do more: the advertising material provider not only supplies individualised customer gifts and employee clothing but is also the only company to offer the perfect all-round service – including home visits. How pleasant and time-saving this is can be seen on the homepage we developed:

agency: DRID

truly beautiful

Implementing Dove’s global #truebeauty initiative for Germany meant: developing tone of voice, product namings, product texts, web content, social media campaigns, brand activation etc. In short: it meant to be part of the global body positivity movement! The success of our work can be found on Facebook, in print, on TV, www.dove.deand in real life.

agency: DOKYO

from zero to hero

My work for B FNKY Naturally Energizing Skincare already began when the laboratory was still working on the recipes for the new luxury natural cosmetics: with the development of the names for the 2 lines INHALE LOVE and SKY INFUSION, the naming for the fragrances, the care lines and products, their product promises and package texts up to the texts for the homepage. –– It worked: the brand has made its way out of the niche onto the international market.

tasty now: ikea

For IKEA, we have completely revised the “Food & Drink” and “Cooking & Preparation” sections, among others; new look, more content, more “good & delicious”. Here is the result of one working day of a total of 32 I was on board for this project. So just multiply accordingly. Or visit :
agency: GGH Mullen Lowe

really crispy

Concept and text for a crispy microsite for the Swiss BBQ season. (The site was online for a limited time, screenshots attached).

high society

Renting or owning a private jet – only a few people fly around the world. For the manageable target group of Luxaviation, consisting of an “unbelievable” number of individualists, we have developed these special interest ads. In focus: probably the only common denominator on which business greats, privateers and pop stars alike count: perfect service culture.

agency: Colell & Kampmann

faithful friends

The publishing house Gruner & Jahr is definitely one of them for me! Here is the latest litter from this friendship: The advertisement for the relaunch of the magazine “dogs”.

question! answer?

Tell me, bonprix: How do you actually take responsibility? Is it even possible to produce such cheap fashion in a sensible way? How do you improve your CO2 balance? “Good questions that we shouldn’t beat about the bush”, that’s basically the whole concept with which we won the pitch for the bonprix CSR area. #TELLME is the prelude to an open exchange with the bonprix customer, which is virtually endlessly expandable and can be extended into all channels.


hej, ikea!

There’s plenty to write about at IKEA all year round. That’s why GGH Mullen Lowe sometimes needs an extra copywriter at the table. I like doing that – again and again. Tack, dear ones and: see you next time!

agency: GGH Mullen Lowe

serving suggestions

What else does a restaurant need besides excellent food and prominent operators to become famous? With this question, my favourite guys from° invited me to their table in early summer 2015; until we came up with so many ideas that the customer only had to help himself to our creative buffet. Welcome to Hausmann’s! (Reservation recommended)

so trendy: magazines

Ramelow, the traditional, family-run house of fashion (known outside the reach of P&C by just about everyone) is launching its first magazine for the 2015 F/S season …

agency: Son Agency


The magazine for the brand – with a mix of editorial, fashion tips and offers.

agency: loved


healthy is the new sexy

Fashion and compression stockings? Sounds like Wolfgang Joop and medi: exciting! For the launch of the brand, we put together a thick package, from naming to classic to POS.

agency: Fischer KG

sandwich tutorial

What you can conjure up with Tim’s strong bread creation of all delicious things, you did not learn at that time on youtube, but with the help of our leporello. Or from the bakery saleswoman herself.


hangover breakfast and more

Food supplement and soft drink in one – helps especially against the bad conscience of hip party people and workoholics, so our positioning. The communication concept for the market launch was therefore “Pop Pharmacy”, was a few pages thick – and, like the product, was never implemented (one or two Euros were missing at the end). But we can still show the packaging, naming and claim.



The sea horse swimming badge has got competition; and that’s my fault, too: I helped with the concept and text for this broad, long-term campaign … (Sorry.)

agency: Hamburgzwo13

support your local dealer

Before we can buy all the nice things in the stores, there is a lot of work in the shop concept. How should the first line of JOOP! be presented in the stores? We have developed this book especially for and in close cooperation with the visual merchandising department, so that every twist of thread hangs properly at the opening and the laid goods and accessories become eye-catchers. Here is a small extract …

agency: Fischer KG

100% denim

We have used a lot of material inside and out in this brand book. Concept, art work and text went directly to the printer with virtually no correction loops. Big fun! 

agency: Fischer KG

love story

Marrakech, summer 2015. amidst ancient, grand architecture and cacti, the Jardin Majorelle is a meeting place for two very handsome, very well-dressed people. Their glances say a lot, yet they pass each other wordlessly, each one walking through the picturesque alleys of the city. She with her sketchpad, he with his thoughts of her. Fortunately: on a wooden bench in the shade she forgets her sketchbook, which he finds shortly afterwards – with her telephone number on page 1 …

agency: loved


Lisbon, autumn 2014. A journalist uncovers an incredible scandal and has to go into hiding. Back in town, his only ally is an attractive lawyer. A nerve-racking investigation in the race against time begins. When she finally receives the undoubted evidence of the courageous journalist, she makes sure that the whole case is printed in the newspaper … Shoes: LLOYD agency: loved

iconic what?

For the BFF Magazine No. 4 Anja Kneller and I interviewed Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ulrich on the topic “iconic turn”. The preparation for this was hard (complicated subject), but the interview was totally relaxed.

agency: loved

how much is the fish?

Sushi Circle was Hamburg’s first Kaiten Sushi Restaurant. With these newspaper ads in sashimi format we had attracted attention at that time – the food bar in the colonnades was really hip.

street style

This Görtz campaign tells you who was perfectly styled when and where in autumn/winter 2013.

agency: loved

I’m off for a while!

A simple price catalogue was to be turned into a representative magazine: 60 pages that make you long for the A-ROSA 5-star resorts in Germany and Austria. So we locked ourselves in for four weeks in pairs and conceived, designed and wrote the first A-ROSA Landscapes & Resorts magazine – from the editorial plan to the last punctuation on the back cover.

agency: Philipp und Keuntje

corporate joy

GROHE stands for “Pure Joy of Water” and with this statement, GROHE looks far beyond its own bathtub rim: The 100-page magazine opens up the wide world behind the brand claim, is published twice a year with a circulation of millions, in ten languages – and is really fun. To everyone. I too had my moments …

agency: loved

jahnke pflege berlin

… delights year after year with a wonderful photo art calendar by Esther Haase. And the very life-experienced models have at least as much fun with it as everyone who works on it. I also had the pleasure for some years: with the stories and subtitles.

the given day

For the Davidoff Magazine at Baselworld, the leap year had given us the perfect idea: the day 366! A whole day more; for watch lovers this means exciting 115,000 heartbeats, 9,950 miles of adventure, 86,400 intense seconds and countless luxury moments on top. My part in this newspaper-sized magazine was to develop the concept and headlines from the title to the last page, the English copies were written by a native speaker.

agency: SelectNY

big fashion love

October 2014, the LOVED&FOUND appears thicker than usual – with much textile content … (Yeah! Gold at the Galaxy Awards in the category “Copywrite – Magazines – Lifestyle”)

agency: loved

tim, thomas and the plates

Tim Mälzer and Thomas launched a tableware collection with weissraum design and my words.


görtz goes würzburg

Hardly any copy, a lot of concept is involved in this campaign to open the first Görtz store in the city. It worked: in April 2014, the Würzburgers stood in line in front of the store. The “very lively” radio spots for the campaign will follow soon at this point.

agency: loved

be editor in chief one day …

… and an author on top of that? Of course, I didn’t pass up this opportunity: I was allowed to participate in the LOVED&FOUND mini – the kid’s issue 2014. And we all got to be happy about the recognition: Silver at the Mercury Awards in the category “Writing – Magazines – Overall”, bronze in the category “Magazines Overall Presentation – Special Audience”. Plus the Grand Prix at the Astrid Awards in the category “Magazines” plus Gold in the category “Magazines – Art, Cultural & Lifestyle” and Silver in the category “Magazines – Fashion/Liestyle”. A dream come true!

agency: loved

big data

Before the relaunch is after the relaunch: Douglas flyers must record a huge amount of “beauty data” on 8-12 pages …

agency: SelectNY